Hosted by  Matt Heron

Episode Show Notes

Published May 21st, 2020


Today Matt chatted with his good friend Russ Miller with Umpqua Feather Merchants. Russ has a long career within the fly fishing industry and in the last year has settled in CO, working with the biggest fly tying manufacturer on the planet as their Director of Marketing.

Listen as Matt and Russ dive deep in the storied history of the brand, their famous Signature Fly Tiers program and the backstory of american fly tying as a whole.

Whitlock, Leftly, Kaufman and Lawson. Hear how these pioneers on the sport and fly tying had to be persuaded into becoming the first Signature Tiers in the Umpqua brand.

Did you know that flies and the tiers that designed them helped shape modern fly lines and rods? Hear Russ’s take on why it’s not the other way around.

Have you ever wanted to be an Umpqua Signature Tier? We’ve go that too. Have a listen as the guys discuss the behind the scenes routine for hand picking some of the best fly designs on the planet.

Lastly, do you need to sharpen your hooks before you tie on them? No? Make sure you say thanks to Umpqua.


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